Revival of Orda

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World Description

Orda was once a kingdom of unrivaled beauty and grace, until it expanded into a kingdom of bloodlust and war. Orda's influence was felt across much of the known world, until at last the kingdom made enough enemies to have it toppled. Some historians are divided on the exact nature of the collapse, but the certainty is that it fell into ruin and was left to be overrun by the wildlife that lived there.

Over 1000 years have passed since the collapse of the kingdom, and now an ambitious descendant of the royal family is determined to revive a civilization where there was once an empire. Not content to sit on the wealth of her family's fortune, Alexi deOrda returns to her ancestral home to reclaim it for herself.

The small town of Orda is a fraction of the kingdom left to rebuild. Alexi has put out word that there is plenty of work to be done in this new frontier, and rewards for those who seek it. Forgotten ruins of the past are rife with treasure, secret knowledge in ancient tomes hiding power long forgotten, wonderful and horrifying creatures to hunt and stalk for the thrill- Alexi promises adventure for all types.

Foundry Virtual Tabletop | 0.7.9